2019 intake dates: 9 Jan, 20 Feb, 20 Mar, 22 May, 19 Jun, 21 Aug, 11 Sep, 27 Nov, 4 Dec

This programme is intended for people with prior qualifications or experience in business management. 

This course will help you acquire the knowledge and skills to pursue managerial roles in specific business sectors within New Zealand, internationally or for further studies in Business Management.

Am I eligible?

This programme is open to anyone aged 20 and over. Students must have successfully completed an undergraduate degree or higher; or provide evidence of equivalent practical, professional or educational experience.

English Language requirement

For international students: If you are coming from overseas, to be eligible for this course you must:

provide evidence of an IELTS overall band score of at least 6.0 (Academic), with no individual band less than 5.5 
Pearson Academic Test
have a Pearson Academic Test score of 50 and above with no individual band score less than 42 
have a C1 Expert Test PASS with no less than a pass in each skill

The information is accurate as of December 2018

1 Academic Year

Content & delivery

Delivered by: Aspire2 International Business & Technology

Develop specialised skills to launch your career in the industry of your choice.

This programme has two components:

Compulsory – You will gain the fundamental concepts and skills you need in basic business management and planning, to deliver workable business solutions. Skills include people management, organisational behaviour, marketing and business communication, applied accounting, budgeting and strategic operational management.

Specialisation – You will focus on a specific area of business management, consisting of two modules, in your area of interest.

You must study all core papers plus two papers from your area of specialisation.

Core papers: You must study all these papers:

  • DAM761 Managing People and Organisational Behaviour
  • DAM661 Business and Marketing Communication
  • DAM561 Applied Accounting and Budgeting
  • DAM762 Strategic Operational Management

Specialisation Strands: Both papers from your stand choice must be completed:

  • DAM792 Tourism and Hospitality Management Fundamentals
  • DAM793 Tourism & Hospitality Industry Strategic Management
  • DAM783 Managing Projects
  • DAM784 Project Quality Assurance
  • DAM779 Functions of Retail Management
  • DAM780 Retail Customer Orientation
  • DAM787 Information Systems Project Management
  • DAM788 Information Systems within Organisations

On completion of this programme

Education Pathway

Graduates of this qualification may undertake further study towards degree programmes across a number of business disciplines or towards professional qualifications at a range of tertiary institutions both within New Zealand and abroad.

Employment Pathway

Graduates of this qualification will have a firm understanding of core business concepts coupled with practical application skills acquired through their specialisations strands, research and acquired knowledge. They will be able to work effectively in professional entry to mid-level management roles across a large range of sectors in established and start-up organisations with both large and small organisational contexts.

Graduates will gain the skills required to integrate into New Zealand organisations and contribute confidently within a range of organisational frameworks and functions.

They will be able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of business management concepts underpinning the functional areas of strategic management, accounting and finance, business communication, marketing management, organisational behaviour, and people management.

Entry requirements

You must have successfully completed an undergraduate degree or higher, or if you do not have a formal qualification be able to provide evidence of equivalent practical, professional or educational experience.

You must have gained approval from the Academic Board for special admission and have attained the age of 20 years

If you are coming from overseas, a candidate for the admission to this programme of study shall:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • provide evidence of an IELTS overall band score of at least 6.0 (Academic), with no individual band less than 5.5; or 
  • have a Pearson Test with overall score of 50 and above; or 
  • pass our English Entry Test (for limited nationalities only).



  • Tuition - $18250
  • Resource - $1750
  • Registration - $250
  • Insurance (14 months) - $550
  • Bank fee - $50
  • Total - $20850

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Your pathway

Your potential career path after study

  • Customer Service Rep / Receptionist
  • Office Administrator
  • Assistant Office Manager / Team Leader
  • Office Manager
  • Regional/Area Sales Manager
  • Customer Services Manager / General Manager
  • CEO

How to apply

  • 1 Apply online
  • 2 Receive an OOP

    Offer of Place will give advice on programme fees, insurance, date and methods of payment

  • 3 Pay fees

    Sign one copy of the Offer of Place and return it, with full payment of all fees, by the due date

  • 4 Fee receipt

    When we receive your fees, we will send you an official fee receipt

  • 5 Apply for visa

    Once your student visa is approved, we will arrange your accommodation (if you wish) and airport pick-up

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