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Terms & Conditions

Some of our rules and regulations on enrolment

Terms & conditions of enrolment

Aspire2 International standard terms or enrolment

Applicants are required to provide true and complete information when filling out the application form and attaching documents. Provision of false  information may result in the termination of the application / enrolment.

Applicants must review the details of the programme they applying for, to make sure that this is the programme they want to study, and should consider whether the programme will assist them in achieving their career goals and intentions.

A completed Aspire2 International Application Form forms the basis of a contract between the applicant (or his/her parent if the applicant is aged under 18) and Aspire2 International.

If entry criteria are met, applicants will receive an Offer of Place letter, which will give advice on programme fees (tuition and resource fees), insurance and date and methods of payment.

To accept an Offer of Place, applicants must sign one copy of the Offer of Place, and return it, with full payment of all fees, by the due date.

Upon receipt of fees, applicants will be sent a receipt, which they can use to apply for a student visa. Note that the fees will be fully refunded if the applicant is not granted a student visa.

Attendance and Class Schedule

Students are required to attend around 20 hours of scheduled classes per week, and will receive their timetable at the start of their course. Classes may be scheduled from Monday to Sunday (excluding public holidays), between 7am and 9pm, and 100% attendance is expected.

Change of Address or Contact Details

Students are required to notify Aspire2 International immediately if their address or contact details change.

Acceptable Use Policy for Computers and Information Technology

During orientation, students are required to sign a policy which defines the responsibilities of students when using the computing and information technology facilities provided by Aspire2 International.

Student and Tutor Contract

During orientation, students are asked to sign an agreement that they will agree to:

  • follow Aspire2 International Policies and Procedures.
  • Attend classes punctually, and notify Aspire2 International staff if unable to attend.
  • Be honest in dealings with the other learners/students and with Tutors.
  • Try hard to complete any assignments on time and to work on them to the best of their ability.
  • Ask for 1 to 1 sessions when needed.
  • Try to be co-operative and sensitive to the needs of the Tutors and other participants.

Use of student photos, videos and testimonials:

  • From time to time Aspire2 International posts photographs, video records and written/spoken testimonials of students on the Aspire2 International website, prospectus, newsletters and other mass media communication.
  • It is Aspire2 International's policy that any published items are positive depictions of students.
  • Students’ consent is sought before their information is used.

Student Fee Protection

The New Zealand Government requires that all New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) registered Private Training Establishments must protect all student fees paid to them in advance. The Aspire2 International PTEs are registered for Fee Protect through The Public Trust, which has an unsecured capital guarantee from the New Zealand Government. For further information visit Public Trust: Fee Protect

This means that in the unlikely event that Aspire2 International PTEs is unable to complete the programme in which you are enrolled (this could be because of closure, insolvency, loss of NZQA accreditation or programme withdrawal), the remainder of your student fees (including accommodation and living expenses if paid in advance) will be protected. You will have the choice to receive any remaining fees back or have them paid directly to an alternative education provider.

Withdrawals and Refunds

This fee refund policy is in accordance with the Education Act 1989 and amendments, and applies to international and domestic students.

If a student withdraws (i.e. stops attending class) from any Aspire2 International programme, they must notify the CEO in writing. The date of withdrawal is the date that Aspire2 International receives written notification of the withdrawal. The programme start date is defined as the published start date of the programme.

Programmes of 13 weeks or more duration

i. Withdrawal within the first ten working days of the programme: `If the student withdraws from the programme within the first ten working days, they will receive a full refund of any payments, less a deduction of up to 25% for costs already incurred. ii. Withdrawal after the first ten working days of the programme: No refunds are provided after the first ten working days of the programme.

Programmes of 5-12 weeks duration

iii. Withdrawal within the first 5 days of the programme: If the student withdraws from the programme within the first five days they will receive a 75% refund of all fees paid by them, and Aspire2 International will retain 25% of the funds paid.

Programmes of less than 5 weeks duration

iv. Withdrawal within the first 2 days of the programme: If the student withdraws from the programme within the first two days they will receive a 50% refund of all fees paid by them, and Aspire2 International will retain 50% of the funds paid. If two days constitutes the full amount of tuition paid for by the student, Aspire2 International may keep 100% of the payment made for the programme.

All programmes

Students who withdraw before the programme commences will also be subject to the above criteria. That is, they will be entitled to a refund less any amounts allowed to be retained as noted in (i), (iii), or (iv) above.

Students who have already received their laptop (which is included in their resource fee), will not receive a full refund of their resource fee if they subsequently withdraw from their programme, and will be able to keep the laptop.

If a student is not granted a student visa or an extension of their student visa a full refund of their unused fees will be made.

Refunds will be processed within 5 working days of the withdrawal process being formally approved, will be paid in New Zealand dollars, and will go to the person or organisation that paid the fees, not necessarily the student.

An international student who obtains permanent residency, while studying on a student visa, will not receive a refund of fees for the remainder of the academic year in which residency is granted. However, they will be treated as a New Zealand permanent resident for the following years and will be subject to domestic fees for the remainder of their study at Aspire2 International.

If the student is expelled from the programme, it is unlikely that any refund will be made.

These regulations may be varied in exceptional circumstances that are beyond the control of the student (such as medical or compassionate circumstances). Variation is at the discretion of the CEO.

Immigration New Zealand will be informed of all information which affects the status of a student permit or visa.

Student Success Harpreet Engineering

"I have always wanted to be an Electronics Engineer. Studying at Aspire2 International  helped me build my knowledge, gave me hands-on experience with electronic tools, and taught me about working in the electronics industry in New Zealand. They helped me get a 3 month internship and that experience helped me get my current role at PowerShield Solutions. Aspire2 jump-started my career."

Harpreet Singh Mann Electronics Technician - PowerShield Solutions Ltd
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