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Creating Classic Cocktails

An introduction to bartending



Intake Dates:

Auckland: [25 - 27 Jun], [23 - 25 Jul], [20 - 22 Aug], [17 - 19 Sep], [29 -31 Oct], [26 - 28 Nov]
Duration: 3 days (Mon-Wed, 5 - 8pm)

This qualification is designed for the students who wish to enhance their career opportunities in Hospitality.

3 Days

Content & delivery

  • Introduction to bartending and bar equipment
  • Techniques and recipes for making cocktails
  • Preparation of bar area and garnishes for a five star bar
  • How to make three classic cocktails plus an innovative cocktail
  • Sales and service techniques

On completion of this programme

  • Basic bar skills and understanding of bar set up and hygiene practises
  • Further study for Licence Controller Qualification which is required for people wishing to become duty managers in a licensed establishment

Entry requirements

To be eligible for admission into the programme, a candidate must have:

  • Aged 18 years or over
  • English at Intermediate level or higher


  • Tuition - $300

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Your pathway

Your potential career path after study

  • Work with your new skills
  • Study a Diploma in chosen area

Charlene's story

"I am training to be an Assistant Manager at Tauranga Airport Cafe. Right now, I am learning the role of a Catering and Café Assistant. I learned right from the bottom. I started on the cashier and made coffees, then I doubled up with a more experienced staff member to make sure I got the service speed right..."

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How to apply

  • 1 Apply online

    Complete Online application form or download Enrolment Form

  • 2 Receive an OOP

    Offer of Place will give advice on programme fees, insurance, date and methods of payment

  • 3 Pay fees

    Sign one copy of the Offer of Place and return it, with full payment of all fees, by the due date

  • 4 Fee receipt

    When we receive your fees, we will send you an official fee receipt

  • 5 Apply for visa

    Once your student visa is approved, we will arrange your accommodation (if you wish) and airport pick-up

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