2019 intake dates: 9 Jan, 20 Feb, 20 Mar, 22 May, 19 Jun, 21 Aug, 11 Sep, 27 Nov, 4 Dec

Start your management career in hospitality with this internationally recognised qualification. 

Am I eligible?

This programme is open to anyone aged 18 and over. Students must have a Certificate in Hospitality Level 3 or Level 4; or completion of Year 12 schooling.

English Language requirement

For international students: If you are coming from overseas, to be eligible for this course you must:

provide evidence of an IELTS overall band score of at least 5.5 (Academic), with no individual band less than 5.0 

OR Pearson Academic Test
have a Pearson Academic Test score of 42 and above with no individual band score less than 36 

OR LanguageCert
have a B2 Communicator Test HIGH PASS and above with no less than a pass in each skill

The information is accurate as of December 2018

1 Academic Year

Content & delivery

Delivered by: Aspire2 International Hospitality & Healthcare

In a year of study, you will gain the skills to work in a range of hospitality management roles, including commercial accommodation, food and beverage, facility utilisation, supply chain and human resources.

You will also obtain a Licence Controller Qualification as part of the programme.

In addition you will also achieve Certificates  of Achievement issued by Service IQ (the Industry Training Organisation for hospitality):

  • Food Safety
  • Barista
  • Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ)

Core learning will be delivered using a blended (face to face) learning approach and you will be encouraged to engage with your fellow students and tutors in class and via your online learning portal. You will be supported throughout the process by our great facilitators who are professionally qualified and have industry and academic experience to share with you.

Core papers

  • Facility and Resource Management
  • Team Management
  • Managing Perishability and Market Fluctuations
  • Creating Positive Customer Service Environment
  • Staff Leadership Project: Building a Customer Service Team
  • Operating Procedures in the Hospitality Industry
  • Advanced Foods and Beverage Service Supervision
  • Commercial Accommodation and Management

On completion of this programme

Graduates of this programme will be capable of leading a small team and/or managing a small business unit within a larger organisation.  You will be able to:

  • Apply management theory to operational situations as they arise.
  • Provide high levels of customer service through the direct provision of operational service.

Further study

Success in this Diploma qualifies you to enter:

  • NZ Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 6
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of International Hospitality Management

Entry requirements

This course is open to anyone aged 18 and over.

International students 

If you are coming from overseas, to enter this course, you must:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • provide evidence of an IELTS overall band score of at least 5.5 (Academic), with no individual band less than 5.0; or 
  • have a Pearson Test with overall score of 50 and above.


First year fees (New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 5):

  • Tuition - $17250
  • Resource - $1750
  • Registration - $250
  • Insurance (14 months) - $550
  • Bank fee - $50

Total 1st year - $19850

Second year fees (New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 6):

  • Tuition - $12500
  • Resource - $100
  • Insurance - $450

Total 2nd year - $13950

Total fees for two years - $32050

Aspire2 International

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Your pathway

Your potential career path after study

  • Guest Service Representative
  • Receptionist
  • Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Executive Assistant Manager
  • General Manager
  • CEO / Partner / Owner

Charlene's story

"I am training to be an Assistant Manager at Tauranga Airport Cafe. Right now, I am learning the role of a Catering and Café Assistant. I learned right from the bottom. I started on the cashier and made coffees, then I doubled up with a more experienced staff member to make sure I got the service speed right..."

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How to apply

  • 1 Apply online
  • 2 Receive an OOP

    Offer of Place will give advice on programme fees, insurance, date and methods of payment

  • 3 Pay fees

    Sign one copy of the Offer of Place and return it, with full payment of all fees, by the due date

  • 4 Fee receipt

    When we receive your fees, we will send you an official fee receipt

  • 5 Apply for visa

    Once your student visa is approved, we will arrange your accommodation (if you wish) and airport pick-up

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