Aspire2 International Diploma in Technology Management

2019 intake dates: 9 Jan, 20 Feb, 20 Mar, 22 May, 19 Jun, 21 Aug, 11 Sep, 27 Nov, 4 Dec

Enhance your career in technology management, technology sales management or enterprise development. Your skills can be applied to a new enterprise, an established workplace, or may lead to higher level management or business study.

Aspire2 International is working with Massey University's e-centre, it's business enterprise and innovation centre to deliver this programme. This partnership brings many benefits to Aspire2 International students including:

  • providing training programmes to selected students to develop entrepreneurship skills
  • identifying promising entrepreneurs with ideas to build their business opportunity
  • coaching selected students in the creation and validation of a business opportunity

Am I eligible?

This programme is open to anyone aged 18 and over. Students must have completed a minimum L6 diploma or equivalent in a technology related area; or any degree from a recognised institution and at least 2 years of work experience in the technology area; or 5 years of relevant work experience may be admitted based on a business proposal that is acceptable to faculty.

English Language requirement

For international students: If you are coming from overseas, to be eligible for this course you must:

provide evidence of an IELTS overall band score of at least 6.0 (Academic), with no individual band less than 5.5  

OR  Pearson Academic Test
have a Pearson Academic Test score of 50 and above with no individual band score less than 42  

OR  LanguageCert
have a C1 Expert Test PASS with no less than a pass in each skill

The information is accurate as of December 2018

120 credits
1 year

Content & delivery

Delivered by: Aspire2 International Business & Technology

In this year-long course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of concepts underpinning a range of business functions both within established organisations and in start-up situations. The programme enables graduates to enrich their business skills or pursue higher studies and professional development opportunities.

Compulsory and elective components in this programme cover a broad range of management and business disciplines including aspects of strategic planning, accounting, finance, communication, marketing, management and interpersonal cooperative skills.

You will undertake a business project, which gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills, gain hands-on experience and develop your business skills.

You must study all of the core papers and choose to study three papers from your elective strand

Core learning will be delivered using a blended (face to face) learning approach and you will be encouraged to engage with your fellow students and tutors in class and via your online learning portal. You will be supported throughout the process by our great facilitators who are professionally qualified and have industry and academic experience to share with you.

Core papers

  • Financial management
  • Project management
  • Operations Management for technology-based enterprises
  • Advancing sustainable and profitable businesses using ICT

Elective papers

  • Technology Marketing Strand:
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Marketing of technology products
  • Project: Marketing planning for technology products and services
  • New Enterprise Development Strand (in collaboration with e-centre):
  • Technology entrepreneurship
  • e-centreSprint programme: Technology business feasibility planning
  • Project: Technology enterprise planning

On completion of this programme

Graduates will gain the skills required to integrate into New Zealand organisations and contribute confidently within a range of organisational frameworks and functions. They will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of concepts, academic theories and models underpinning strategic management, accounting and finance, business communication, marketing management, and organisational change; Examine industry and organisational issues across not-for-profit, commercial, and global organisations, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME);
  • Think critically and systematically about business problems and issues and propose solutions
  • Manage and complete a business project and report utilising concepts previously covered within the programme;
  • Analyse and make recommendations in respect of business problems through submission of a project report.

Graduates of this qualification may undertake further study towards degree programmes across a number of business disciplines at a range of tertiary institutions both in New Zealand and abroad.

Entry requirements

You must have successfully completed a Diploma Level 6, plus two years’ work experience in the technology field.

If you don’t have formal qualifications but you have at least five years relevant work experience, your application will be considered based on an acceptable business concept proposal. 

For international students
If you are coming from overseas, to be eligible for this course you must:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • provide evidence of an IELTS overall band score of at least 6.0 (Academic), with no individual band less than 5.5; or 
  • have a Pearson Test with overall score of 50 and above; or 
  • pass our English Entry Test (for limited nationalities only).


  • Tuition - $17250
  • Resource - $1750
  • Registration - $250
  • Insurance (14 months) - $550
  • Bank fee - $50

Total 1st year - $19850

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Your pathway

Your potential career path after study

  • Customer Service Rep / Receptionist
  • Office Administrator
  • Assistant Office Manager / Team Leader
  • Office Manager
  • Regional/Area Sales Manager
  • Customer Services Manager / General Manager
  • CEO

How to apply

  • 1 Apply online
  • 2 Receive an OOP

    Offer of Place will give advice on programme fees, insurance, date and methods of payment

  • 3 Pay fees

    Sign one copy of the Offer of Place and return it, with full payment of all fees, by the due date

  • 4 Fee receipt

    When we receive your fees, we will send you an official fee receipt

  • 5 Apply for visa

    Once your student visa is approved, we will arrange your accommodation (if you wish) and airport pick-up

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