Celebrating our Graduates – Marcos Rivero

Ever wondered where our graduates end up? We’re looking forward to bringing you these stories in 2018, starting with Marcos Rivero – now Branch Manager at Adecco and owner of The Latin Club. 

Read his story below:

Q: What’s the best thing about working and living in NZ?

A: One of the good things about Kiwi culture is that it’s really laid back - easy going. There aren’t too many road blocks when you’re starting out. If you’re good, they’ll give you a chance. Obviously you have to do the hard work, but the opportunity is there.

If you’re reliable and prove yourself – they’ll give you a chance.

Q: How did you get your start in New Zealand?

A: I came with a student visa which didn’t allow you to work – not even 20 hours! I went to Ntec to study English for 3 months. I completed the course and sat the test, and that allowed me to go and study Business Management Level 7 with Aspire2. The new visa also allowed me to work up to 20 hours a week.

When I started out, I did all kinds of work: dishwasher, bartender, Dj, barista, duty manager, events and bar manager. I’ve also trained guards in self defense, managed a security guard company, been an operations manager of 28 bars in Auckland city with a company called Sovereign Security (now Pro Host).  I currently run events in 5 clubs in Auckland on a regular basis through the Latin Club.

Q: How did you get your job with Adecco?

A: I’ve always wanted to be part of Adecco – in Venezuela that was my career. I just walked in and told them I wanted to work with them! I brought at least 30 students through Adecco and got them jobs. Then they moved me to Albany to build a branch; I now run the branch with a team of at least 80 people.

Q: How did your time at Aspire2 help set you up for success?

A: Aspire2 has been a big help for what I do. I couldn’t ever have had the opportunity to be working full time - or to have what I do now - if it wouldn’t for my studies. Ntec was my foundation. If it’s not for them I wouldn’t be here, and also all the contacts I’ve made!

Q: What are some of the most valuable things you’ve learned?

A: Going through Aspire2 gave me confidence and knowledge. There are some really good teachers who give you heaps of advice.

Q: Any tips for recent graduates applying for their first jobs in NZ?

A: You need to be super humble. You need to start from zero and build up here. Even if you come with qualifications or experience abroad you need to prove yourself here. It’s a small network – so be careful of letting people down! Also, you have to be on time. If they ask you to be somewhere at 7am you need to be there at 6:45.

Q: Future goals?

A: For me, I want to continue  pursuing my career with Adecco as a priority. I would love to be able to carry on supporting my family at home and I dream to bring them all here.

Q: Any other advice for international students looking for work in NZ?

A: If I came tomorrow to New Zealand for the first time, I would pay someone to tell me where to start, what courses to take, what kind of opportunities are out there, advice on how to fast track through the system to get what you are looking for. Any advice or contact that you make, it will help you to get what you want and what you are looking for. Go out and get amongst the New Zealand culture without hesitation, talk to everyone, learn the language, sports, NZ rules and law, cuisine, customs, learn to drive on the other side of the road!  

Don't close yourself and think it must be your way - be open minded. Don't be afraid to ask for work, go face-to-face and introduce yourself. Don't waste opportunities; take them all and give 110 % of your effort!

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