Gold Rush for Ntec Hospitality Students

Another fantastic result for Aspire2 International students at the Auckland Regional Culinary Competition. 

Students from 12 institutes from the Auckland region competed in the Auckland Regional Competition held by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand.

Five of our students  entered the classic cocktail competition. For this competition students had to produce two mojitos and either two cosmopolitans or two martinis. The judges give marks based on students producing cocktails to industry standard.

This includes professional work practices and hygiene as well as the individual’s personality and flair. The competitors have 20 minutes in which to produce their drinks, after which they have to answer questions from all the judges.


Four of our students won gold medals and the fifth gained a silver medal. Only four gold medals were awarded for the classic cocktails, all of which were given to National Technology Institute students.

Five students entered the barista competition. Students had to produce two cups of espresso coffee, two cups of latte and two cups of flat white coffees in 25 minutes. The judges look for professionalism in making the coffee, the way it is presented and of course the coffee has to have a great taste. The students also have to complete a 15 minute written test.

An Aspire2 International student was awarded the top score of all the competitors and was a gold medal winner. Two of our students gained silver medals, one gained a bronze medal and one was awarded a merit.

The training for these competitions is intense. Students give up their free time to practice, but these competitions are a great way to be recognized by the hospitality industry. Many of the judges are from the industry and all stated how impressed they were with the standard of our students.

The students will have their names published on the Restaurant Association of New Zealand website. This organization represents the hospitality industry. Hotels, bars and restaurants looking for potential employees can do so through the Restaurant Association which is recognized as upholding excellent standards in hospitality.


Gold medals:

Nipuna Sajith Bandara Warnakulasuriya – Sri Lanka

Thi Hai Yen Nguyen (Jenny) – Vietnam

Bui Trang (Celina) – Vietnam

Linh Thi Dong – Vietnam

Silver medal:

Sylvia Halim – Indonesia


Gold medal:

Sabrina Mayadayita – top score of the competition – Indonesia

Silver medal:

Safirah Mayaduhita – Indonesia

Manh Nguyen Linh (Linh) – Vietnam

Bronze medal:

Monika Priska Angelia – Indonesia


Silvy Simmons – Indonesia

Congratulations to all our hospitality students who took part in the competition, and thanks to their tutors and trainers for all their hard work.

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