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Welcome to Aspire2 International. We are excited you’re here!

We know you’re making important decisions and we’re here to help you as you select an education provider for your study.

Our team at Aspire2 International are ready to help. You can email us anytime .

We are ready to help you plan a rewarding and uniquely Kiwi experience as you consider your future opportunities through study, but also the country you are choosing to study in!

  Our Commitment

We are committed to delivering a unique, safe and successful education experience in beautiful New Zealand.

From the moment you enrol, through to your graduation and beyond, we provide an Aspire2 International faculty and student family to welcome and care for you.

Please call to talk more about how we can support you in your study journey in New Zealand.

  Your Questions

Asking lots of questions is often the best way to find out about your potential experience in any course of study – or moving to a new country.

We have gathered your most frequently asked questions and have provided more detail about your New Zealand experience with Aspire2 International.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for below, please reach out to us here:

Email or call us on +64 9 5555 400

  What happens when I arrive in New Zealand?

We will be at the airport to greet you. We have a transport service that will meet you at the airport and deliver you safely to your pre-booked accommodation provider.

Find out more here about our accommodation provisions.

  Where will I live?

Relax after you have arrived and get settled in to your new city and campus.

We will be expecting you the very next weekday so we know you have arrived and ensure you’re safe and ready to study. We will let you know when your Orientation will start.

This is a great time for us to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

  What happens at Orientation?

Orientation is two days filled with loads of valuable information that will help you to settle into your student life with Aspire2 International.

First up, we’ll introduce you to the friendly Student Support team who are there for YOU. If you have any concerns or need some help, please ask for assistance.

Then we’ll teach you about insurance cover, how to open a bank account, safety in the city – and cover all the specific support services we provide.

  What is the Personal Development Programme?

Before you leap in to your course of study, we will take you through our Personal Development Programme.

We are extremely proud of our introductory programme as it provides high value to our new students. It’s fun, interactive and a great introduction for any new student to Aspire2 International and to New Zealand.

You’ll learn about our Kiwi way of life and all things New Zealand. It’s a way for us to add value to your academic experience by providing you the means to learn the ‘soft-skills’ New Zealand employers are looking for as well as providing you employment support while you are with us.

Read more about Aspire2 Work 

  How can I find out more about my study?

You will meet the key leaders of your faculty during Orientation.

Timetables, plus all the other study information you need will be issued to you within the first two weeks. Your classes are interactive, engaging and include industry guest speakers and industry site visits.

We understand how important it is to connect with industry and get a taste for the real world.

  Campus Life

Life on campus is diverse, including our cultures and the activities that take place.

We love to celebrate culture, our people and success so keep yourself up to date by checking in on our social pages!

Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

You can check out some of our galleries here.

  Who will help me find work?

Our Aspire2 Work team will support and guide you on your employment journey. A range of workshops and one to one support is provided around your curriculum vitae (CV), cover letter, job search, interview skills and more.

We work with multiple employers to make sure you are well equipped for success. Our aim is to create future opportunities for all of our students and graduates.

Please contact us, we are here to help.

Email or call us on +64 9 5555 400

  How can I stay safe?

New Zealand is one of the happiest and safest places in the world! Our friends at ATEED, Auckland Council and Study Auckland have provided us with this video to show you how to make sure you are safe and sound.


"Since March 2016 we have been inducting hospitality students from Aspire2 International. The students have been successful in attending our Ice Events Workplace Training. Some of the students have since  been offered a contract with Ice Events for Casual Temp roles with our clients. We cater VIP events. The students we have from Aspire2 International have been absolutely wonderful. Good communication skills, good attendance and punctual. "

Moana Ese, Event Consultant Ice Events Ltd
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