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NZ Diploma in Engineering (Level 6)


Siqing Sun

Siqing Sun (William) moved from China to New Zealand seeking a better lifestyle and a new career. He found all that and more at Aspire2 International in Auckland.

What were you doing back in China?

I majored in Business English at university in Shanghai, and after graduating I got a job in a travel agency. I didn’t enjoy it at all and was yearning for something different. Living in a city of 27 million people can be intense and stressful, and I needed a change of pace. I decided to go abroad to study and develop my career, and New Zealand was a very affordable option!

What appealed to you about electrical engineering?

It’s challenging, very different from my previous areas of study, and it’s on the Immigration New Zealand long term skill shortage list so there will be plenty of exciting job opportunities when I graduate.

What’s it like studying at Aspire2 International in Auckland?

The campus is great, with good facilities and equipment for conducting our experiments. Training is hands-on, with plenty of opportunities to practice - this practical learning style is very different from China, and I am really enjoying it.

What are the tutors like?

Aspire2 International tutors are professional, humorous and responsible. They’re also patient and happy to take the time to help their students work through any problems. I can appreciate how difficult it must be running such a busy campus, but the tutors and staff here are all doing such a great job. Many students work part time while they study. Do you? Yes! In addition to my studies I also work for an education agent, Bright Future NZ, as head of the support crew. Although it’s not directly related to my engineering studies, it’s still extremely useful because it gives me opportunities to build my communication skills in New Zealand.

Where to next?

Once I graduate this November, I’ll secure a job in electrical engineering to gain some industry experience before moving onto degree level studies at MIT.

Was coming to New Zealand a good decision?

I am so glad I packed up my life and moved here. It’s been awesome! I’ve made friends from all over the world including Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. I’ve also had the chance to experience a western Christmas, which is something we don’t even celebrate in China!

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