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Sergei Kutcev

Why did you choose to study at Aspire2International?

"I came to New Zealand with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, however after researching the local job market I decided to head in a different direction and become a manager or business analyst. Aspire2 International offered me the best possible start – a one-year business management diploma, at an attractive price, taught by highly-skilled, industry-experienced tutors. The campus is located in the heart of the CBD, which maximised opportunities for part-time employment. I got a job as a waiter, earning enough to cover almost all my expenses.

While studying at Aspire2International I was provided with a laptop, textbooks and handouts – all I needed to buy was stationery! Staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and the tutors were amazing. They taught us well, provided constructive feedback on our assessments, told anecdotes about their jobs and shared their invaluable business expertise."

What sort of career support did you receive during your studies?

"The career support through Aspire2Work was outstanding. During induction, they delivered comprehensive job search training, covering topics such as how the New Zealand job market works, employment rights, and the minimum wage. I joined their careers club, which gave me access to help from the career counsellors with CV and cover letter writing, interview techniques and more. At the end of our course we received additional job search training and had plenty of opportunities to discuss our career plans with the Aspire2Work team."

How did this help after you’d graduated?

"Studying at Aspire2 International was a great push for my career. It didn’t guarantee me 100% success, but it definitely helped improve my chances! After graduating I applied my newly acquired marketing skills to launching my career. I was working full-time as a restaurant supervisor, but every day after a long shift at work I’d jump online and apply for jobs in the public sector. Although I wasn’t a student anymore, sometimes I’d go to the Aspire2 International computer suite to work on my applications. It helped me stay focussed on my goal!

I was selected for just one job interview – but I was well-prepared and ready for it. I was offered the role of business analyst for IRD’s national office, which meant a move to Wellington. It’s a very interesting full-time job in the public sector and I really enjoy it. I’m very much looking forward to building a successful career in business analytics, evaluation and research in New Zealand.”

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