Ronal Patel Healthcare

Ronal Patel - Health Services

Diploma in Business - Healthcare Management


Quote from Ronak

“I wanted to launch a career in healthcare because there are lots of opportunities in this sector in New Zealand. This diploma has given me a solid understanding of management in the healthcare industry, as well as vital skills such as problem solving and decision making. Throughout my studies I received immense support from Aspire2 Work. Thanks to their efforts I secured an internship with a first-rate supplier of pharmaceutical and food raw materials to the New Zealand market. The reference they gave me helped me secure my current role, so the support of Aspire2 Work has been a real stepping stone for my career. 

“After working as a Production Technician for Biomed they offered me a role as a Lab Analyst in their Quality Control Laboratory. From here my goal is to further build my skills in the pharmaceutical industry, and once I have the knowledge, experience and resources I’d like to start my own business. Studying at Queens Academic Group, with support from Aspire2 Work, has really helped me pursue my career goals.”

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