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It's no secret NZ is an Adventurer's paradise

Quote from Rio

"Hello everyone!

I'm Rio Jerniko, a student from Pontianak, Indonesia that is currently studying Diploma in Business Management at Aspire2 International. I first came to Auckland last November and now it's been almost 6 months. Time flies so fast, doesn't it? Well, I'd like to share my experience studying at Aspire2International while living in Auckland and also my little adventures.

Since it's been almost 6 months I live in Auckland, it turns me from "Mr. don't know anything" to "Mr. who knows something" about Auckland.

Regarding my studies, I'm enjoying my term break holiday right now as I just finished my first term. Ten weeks (first term) of study feels like a very short period of time. The environment at Aspire2 International makes you feel comfortable while you're doing your study and activities at school. Plus all the tutors, lectures and staffs are very friendly. You can also meet many students from all over the globe and make some new friends!

There are many facilities provided by Aspire2 International start from Student Lounge, Student Study Center, Cafeteria to Aspire2Work team that will help you to find jobs in Auckland much more easier! Aspire2 International also provide you with many extra courses that will expand your skills so that you will be ready to jump in to working world. You won't only gain knowledge but also the skills needed in workplace.

Enough about studying, let's talk about the little adventures that I have done around New Zealand.

Well, actually I haven't been to many places in New Zealand that's why I call it "little" adventures. So the very first place I visited is Hobbiton - Matamata. I always wanted to go to this place when I was still in Indonesia and finally I've been there. The famous Hobbiton is the movie set for "The Lord of The Rings" and "The Hobbit" films. Who doesn't know Bilbo Baggins? There you will find the tiny little house of The Baggins.

Next, I went to Rotorua. Here you can do bunch of adventures. But I didn't have much time when I went to Rotorua. I went to RotoVegas, it's a resort up on the hill. So we went there by cable car. The resort also provides many attractions and rides. There are also many restaurants as you enjoy the view of Rotorua from above. I spent my night enjoying the hot tube in Polynesian Spa Rotorua. It was cold that day, so relaxing in a hot spring feels great.

Next is Waiheke Island, we can travel there by ferry and it took around 40 minutes. It's famous for its wineries. They even got a wine tours around Waiheke Island cuz they have so many wine bars and factories.

During my recent term break holiday, I travel around the northern part with 4 of my Indonesian friends that came together to New Zealand with me. We went to the famous Cathedral Cove in Coromandel. It has a beautiful scenery from the hill towards the open ocean. To reach the Cathedral Cove, we should walk down the hill to the beach at the bottom.

Next is Mermaid Pools in Matapouri. The Mermaid Pools is hidden behind the hill alongside the beach. To reach it, we should hike the hill and around it. Yep you need to put extra effort to reach it. Then we travel to Bay of Island in Paihia. There are many resorts and restaurants, cuz it's a tourists destination. We can cruising around the islands and also swimming with the dolphins.

Heading north, we reached Cape Renga, it's the very north of the northern part of New Zealand. We went to Te Paki Giant Sand Dunes. No wonder they call it Giant Sand Dunes, it was a massive amount of sand. I've got no idea where are that sand comes from. It's like we were in the middle of the dessert. All around us are hills of sand. That place is epic. But the best part is we can do sand boarding. It was amazingly fun! Can't get enough of it.

And the last stop is Whangarei. We did the best experience ever (so far) and it was one of my bucket list. Skydiving! It's super super exciting! I always wanted to do this sport and finally I had a chance to do it. If I had another chance, I'd like to do another skydiving in other beautiful place.

I will travel to many other places and explore New Zealand in the future. There are still so many adventures await!"

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