Navdeep Singh It

Navdeep Singh - IT

Diploma in Computing


Quote from Navdeep

“In my job as a Service Desk Analyst for Westpac, I give technical support to all our staff throughout New Zealand. This includes taking care of their daily desktop issues, network issues and any other IT related queries. I feel extremely comfortable and confident in the role, and that’s due to my time at Aspire2 International.

 “During my Aspire2 studies I gained technical skills and a deep understanding of the IT environment in NZ. After graduating, Aspire2 gave me the opportunity to work with them in Helpdesk Support, which further developed my organisational skills and taught me the value of working in a team. The staff there are well organised, professional and they deliver a high level of customer service. They taught me a lot! 

“All credit goes to the Aspire2 team. They were always there to help me out and have supported me to develop my professional career. Everything I learnt – both as a student and working on the Aspire2 helpdesk – has helped me succeed in my role at Westpac.”

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