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Diploma in Information Technology (Business IT) Level 7


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Diploma in Information Technology (Business IT) Level 7

“I wanted to get into the IT industry in New Zealand and I thought that gaining a diploma from a prestigious NZQA-accredited provider like Aspire2 International would help me achieve that. It is always preferable to have a diploma to present in an interview, as it definitely shows that you know your stuff.

I really enjoyed my time at Aspire2 International. The teachers and the learning environment were particular highlights. My tutors were very helpful and because we had a small class we benefited from lots of one-on-one attention. If we had any questions they were always willing to help, and ready to offer advice. Our class was very diverse with students from lots of different cultures. This was very helpful as it was a real snapshot of Auckland’s multicultural society. 

I was offered an internship to work at Aspire2, which was the perfect introduction to the IT industry, and to learning how to provide support for clients. From there, the Aspire2 Work team helped me find the job I have now, as a Remote Support Engineer for Think IT. They got me the interview and put in a good work for me – so it’s basically thanks to them that I am where I am today!

I’ve always wanted to work in IT Security, and the great thing about the company that I work for is that they are looking into this for the future, so hopefully it will be the area I will head towards."

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