Jan Santos Business

Jan Santos - Business

Diploma in Business Level 7


Quote from Jan

“It was a big risk coming from the Philippines to New Zealand, and initially I had no idea what I was going to do. However after enrolling to study at Aspire2 International everything started falling into place. I decided to become a manager, so I did my best in class in order to gain good grades. During my studies I gained the top scholar award and the top presenter award. I’ve discovered that I really enjoy public speaking – it’s my forte!

Aspire2 International helped me a lot by teaching me new things that I’m now applying in my field of work. The Aspire2 Work team were really helpful and gave me guidance on how to write a proper CV and how to get a job in New Zealand. I had some odd jobs at first – I worked as a cleaner, stacked boxes and did carpentry - but thanks to perseverance and plenty of support from Aspire2 I now have a great job as a Sales Manager at Just Water International Ltd."

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