Harpreet Kooner Engineering

Harpreet Kooner - Engineering

Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunications


Quote from Harpreet

"My long term-goal is to become a qualified electrician and eventually start my own electrical company. I did a lot of research on different training providers in New Zealand. Aspire2 International offered the best study environment, great facilities, and a variety of different intakes for the Electronics course I wanted to do. They also have a good reputation and provide not just theory but also practical training in their labs. The combination of experience and knowledge is vital when you are looking for a full-time electrical job.

In order to start building my career my focus was on gaining an opportunity to work in a good electrical company. Aspire2 Work motivated me and helped me secure an internship during my studies. This proved very valuable later when I was seeking full-time employment. Now I’ve got a great job with Brite Electrical in Papatoetoe!"

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