Eric Wang It

Eric Wang - IT

Diploma in Information Technology


Quote from Eric

"My goal was to gain in-depth knowledge and experience and become an IT specialist in my field, so I chose to study at Queens Academic Group. Their combination of theoretical and practical training means students gain not just knowledge, but also hands-on experience. The course was a great refresher and I’m now up-to-date with all the latest technology. Studying at Queens proved to be a great way to transition into the New Zealand workplace. 

Throughout my studies I received a lot of career support from Aspire2 Work, including practical advice on how to write a professional CV and the most effective way to job hunt. They helped me secure a part-time Junior Developer role with Telnet NZ while I was studying which proved invaluable - local work experience is just as important as the study itself. Now I’ve graduated and have been offered a position as a Senior Developer for Air New Zealand. Eventually I’d like to become a CTO or CIO, so that I can make a greater contribution to a broader range of people."

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