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Debora de Jesus - Business

Diploma in Business Management


Aspire2 Work played a vital role in kickstarting my career.

Quote from Debora

“I enrolled at Aspire2 International to study English, and enjoyed it so much that I stayed on and gained a Business diploma! I really appreciated the structure of the school, and how committed the teachers and staff are to their students. The tutors are excellent, and extremely dedicated. I got a lot of support and made lots of good friends – which also turned out to be great for networking!

Although I was a business student, I also took advantage of all the short hospitality courses on offer, to improve my English and build my industry knowledge. I studied wine & beer, barista, and I even gained my LCQ (Licence Controller Qualification). These courses proved extremely useful when it came to getting my first job. Throughout my studies I did casual hospitality work for companies such as ICE Events and Bestaff. It was perfect because it enabled me to work 20 hours a week, but also pick and choose my jobs, so that my work didn’t hinder my studies.

Aspire2 Work played a vital role in kickstarting my career. They helped me polish my CV, taught me what to do in an interview, and also equipped me with great job search skills. Through them I met excellent people and had the opportunity to share ideas. The amazing support I received from the Aspire2 Work team was fundamental when it came to launching my professional career in New Zealand. Now I have a great job as a retail sales executive for one of Australasia’s largest companies, and from here I can grow with the organisation. I’ve learned to never give up on my dreams and goals – sometimes they take time to reach, but if you stay dedicated you’ll get there in the end.”

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