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Cheng Lu - IT

Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (Level 7)


Cheng Lu

After a decade in IC design and software development, Cheng Lu was looking to take his IT career to the next level. Aspire2 International’s Graduate Diploma in Information Technology was an excellent springboard.

What brought you to Aspire2 International?

I worked for ST-Ericsson and Intel for ten years in the areas of IC design and software development. I wanted to undertake further study to progress my career in ICT, and I was also keen to experience a different lifestyle, so I moved to New Zealand and enrolled at Aspire2 International. How did you like studying with us? I really enjoyed the study style at Aspire2. All the lectures were well-designed and the tutors were always willing to help. The campus is easy to access, and the study centre is only busy in the final week, so it is a good, quiet learning environment. I learnt a lot about software development methodology and internet programming, as well as how to develop a results-oriented mindset. This was very valuable.

What employment opportunities have you had?

During my studies I worked part time as an electronic parts assembler and software engineer for Polycomp Electronic Signs. I got the job through Student Job Search. A couple of months ago I secured an exciting new role with Sphere Identity as an application analyst/tester. Sphere Identity is a company which specialises in personal identity and data protection. I was hired to manage their User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which includes developing the test plan and detailed test case design. The skills I gained at Aspire2 International, particularly around system development integration, have been very useful for this role.

What are your future plans?

I want to keep building my career in the software industry, and within the next five years I plan to start my own business. 

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