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I am training to be an Assistant Manager at Tauranga Airport Cafe. Right now, I am learning the role of a Catering and Café Assistant. I learned right from the bottom. I started on the cashier and made coffees, then I doubled up with a more experienced staff member to make sure I got the service speed right. As I mastered each stage I learned the next.

The best part of the job is “Meeting the All Blacks!” I have served and made coffee’s for 3 rugby players from the All Blacks! Obviously I was star struck but I had to remain professional and keep calm, but I was so excited! I love my job I absolutely do. I love the team and the work I do, it’s very rewarding.
My experience at Aspire2 was amazing. I learned so much and it taught me to be who I am and what I am because of their faith and encouragemen

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