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Ashish Bhati - Hospitality

New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management (Level 5)


Ashish Bhati

After working in the hospitality industry back in India, Ashish moved to New Zealand to further his career. Aspire2 International has set him up with a globally recognised hospitality qualification, and now he has an excellent job at one of Tauranga’s most popular hotels.

Why did you come here to study hospitality?

For me hospitality is fun. I love talking to people, meeting celebrities and trying new food. Plus, it’s one of the world’s fastest growing industries, so if you have hospitality qualifications and experience you can work anywhere. Back in India I was already working in the industry, as a food and beverage attendant for JW Marriott, but I wanted to explore the world and create a brighter future. New Zealand really appealed because it’s safe and secure and the people are lovely. My agent and friends told me that at Aspire2 the teachers are friendly, and the training is first rate, so I enrolled.

Have you enjoyed studying at Aspire2 International in Tauranga?

I love it! I’ve met so many new friends and the tutors are friendly and supportive. In fact, they’re not just tutors – they have also become friends. They have guided me so much, not only in hospitality-related matters, but also personal ones. Thanks to them, I have never felt lonely here
Classes are really practical, and we get lots of opportunities to gain work experience by running the school café, which helps us build our skills and gain confidence with customers. We also get to go on lots of outings to local restaurants and cafes.
I love living and studying in Tauranga. It’s a lot like my hometown Chandigarh – clean, green, with lovely people and a stress-free lifestyle. I’ve visited a lot of places in New Zealand, including Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton, but for me, nothing beats Tauranga!

What are the most valuable things you’ve learned?

I’ve learnt a lot about New Zealand food, drinks and culture, and what standards are expected by New Zealand employers. This information is crucial for international students! I’ve also learnt about food hygiene, got my LCQ (Licence Controller Qualification) and mastered the art of making Kiwi style coffees. But most importantly of all, I’ve learned how to manage people and restaurants.

You are working at 4.5-star hotel, Trinity Wharf. Is this your first hospitality job in New Zealand?

Yes! I’ve been working there part time for 18 months now. I heard they were hiring, and my tutors helped me make a good CV. I’m a bit of an all-rounder at work. Sometimes I’m in the restaurant, or doing functions, or behind the bar, and because I’ve got my manager’s certificate, they put me on as acting duty manager when one of the duty managers are sick. The skills I’ve learned at Aspire2 help me a lot in the workplace, especially in regard to coffee making, host responsibility and running a café and restaurant.

What is your plan now?

This term I’ll graduate from Aspire2 International, and Trinity Wharf has offered me a team leader role, which I am delighted about. Eventually I want to work my way up to hotel manager there, and maybe one day in the future I’ll open my own establishment.

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