Aleksandr Gaviorilov Business Management

Aleksandr Gaviorilov - Business

Diploma in Business Management - Level 7


Quote from Aleksandr

“I initially just came to Aspire2 International for a short English language course but I liked the environment so much I decided to stay on for further studies. Studying here is quite different from studying in Russia!

I really enjoyed my Diploma studies, especially the marketing segment and the final projects. I learned a lot of business skills and also deepened my understanding of living in New Zealand, how to get a job here, and how to talk to people. My tutors were very supportive, and so too were the careers team. They helped me tailor my CV to the New Zealand job market, which in turn helped me find a great job. 

When I first came to New Zealand I was just doing casual work through Events, but then I found a part-time job at Nando’s. I started out as a dishwasher but after three months I was promoted to Shift Supervisor. After graduating from Aspire2 International I went full-time at Nando’s and was soon promoted to my current role of Assistant Manager.”

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