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Diploma in Health Services Management


Ailex Valdez

Diploma in Health Services Management

"Studying at Aspire2 International was the ideal pathway into becoming a Registered Nurse here in New Zealand. I had total support from the staff and teachers at all times. They reassured me when I was about to take my English exam, they encouraged me when I was job hunting, and they even provided counselling support when I really needed it. 
Aspire2 was recommended to me because of its top quality programmes and exceptional pastoral care, and I wasn’t disappointed! 
I particularly loved the group presentation and team building work we did during my course, which was not only helpful in my professional growth but also a lot of fun. At Apsire2 International I learned to become a team player and be more culturally sensitive. Studying in a multicultural environment widened my perspective on life and helped me grow as a person. Sometimes conflicting opinions from people of different backgrounds was a challenge when it came to completing school projects, but learning to listen and understand others helped me overcome this.
Aspire2 is also really good when it comes to career support. Aspire2 Work has friendly staff and counsellors who are more than willing to go the extra mile for their students. During my studies I worked as a Healthcare Assistant and was deployed to different hospitals around Auckland. As I was aspiring to become a New Zealand Registered Nurse, this industry experience was invaluable. Now I have achieved that goal and am working at Trinity Home and Hospital. My next goal is to work for District Health Boards and move into more challenging areas of nursing."

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