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About Aspire2 Work

Our dedicated employment service

Helping you every step of the way

At Aspire2 International, we know your goal is to get a great job. That is why we have a dedicated employment service just for you – Aspire2 Work. Our team works with your chosen industry to give you the best chance at landing a job.

While you are still studying, Aspire2 Work will help you find part-time work in your industry so you can be experienced and work-ready when you graduate.

You will also be taught interview skills, and have help to develop an effective CV and cover letter. You will be supported through the whole process – coaching, setting up job interviews – anything you need to help you get the right job for you.

Give us a call on (+64) 9 555 5400, email us at [email protected] or drop us a line to find out more.


All students receive employment help within their first week of study at Aspire2 International


New students complete the Personal Development Programme before they start their first term of study. The programme includes sessions on job hunting in New Zealand, interview skills, and career guidance. Students complete their first New Zealand-specific CV in class using our online job help tool. Once this is completed, their CV is checked by an Aspire2Work team member who makes sure it will create a great impression and lead to positive results.

Our team

A student support service committed to helping students find employment opportunities during and beyond their study.

Services include assisting students develop a variety of job-related skills and techniques, such as searching for part-time jobs, writing effective CVs, and effective job interview practices. We also provide general employment preparation advice and seek out internship opportunities for eligible students.

During their study at Aspire2 students are encouraged to make the most of all the opportunities available to prepare themselves for full time employment upon graduation.

In order to be accepted for an interview with an employer, students and graduates need a high level of written and spoken English as well as the personal and social skills needed to be accepted into a work environment.

If applicable, students need to commit to improving their English level by up to one IELTS band above their entry level by the time they graduate. We provide additional English classes and an official Toastmasters International Club on Auckland campus. Students can also access local Toastmasters Club events.

Ongoing support


We maintain a jobs’ board at each campus. The board includes up-to-date part-time and full-time job opportunities in roles appropriate to students’ areas of study. Students are also able to register for email updates on job opportunities in New Zealand. As suitable vacancies come into the Aspire2Work team, they are emailed out to the relevant students.


As students progress through their programme of study, they are given the opportunity to participate in free workshops on professional targeted CV writing, cover letter writing, interview skills and effective job searching techniques. Students who submit a CV to the Aspire2 Work team have them checked and improved, with helpful feedback provided. For students who are looking for additional advice and direction, appointments are available.


Internships are sourced for eligible students with full support provided from interview, ongoing monitoring and progress. Eligible students will have the offer of an internship included in their ‘Offer of Place’.


We encourage our students to get involved in volunteer work in their related field of study. Many organisations in New Zealand offer volunteer opportunities, and it is a great way for students to familiarise themselves with the New Zealand workforce. The benefits of being involved in volunteer work include building your confidence, learning new skills, providing you with relevant industry experience, and the opportunity to make worthwhile industry contacts for the future.

Student Job Search


SJS is a registered charity and 100% owned by Students’ Associations across the country. It's a website job portal and contact centre for employers looking to fill job roles and for students looking to gain experience and earn money.

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