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The New Enterprise Centre

A joint venture between Aspire2 International and Massey University’s ecentre Limited supporting and developing new entrepreneurs.


eCentre and Aspire2 International share a common goal to leverage their respective expertise, their networks, existing infrastructure and knowledge to assist new New Zealanders achieve their goals of establishing new enterprises.

To achieve this goal, ecentre and we have formed the New enterprise Centre (NeC)

The Vision

Our vision is to develop the entrepreneurial skills of Aspire2 International students while they are studying with us.  Our ultimate vision is that our students and graduates have the opportunity to create successful new enterprises in local and global markets. The NeC has designed a start-up introduction programme that is available to all Level 7 Diploma students in Business, Health Services, IT and Engineering to assist with the evaluation, development and exploitation of business ideas. This programme is usually offered in the term prior to the final term before graduation.

You will see elsewhere on this site and on other social media pages that the best presentations from the NeC programme are invited to attend eCentre’s Demo Day which includes a pitch to potential investors.

Some students chose to further develop these business ideas during their final project,

The programme is designed to link in with other business support entities and organisations focussed on early stage business development.

Not all students are going to set up new businesses but all students do benefit from being involved in the NeC programme, specifically

  • Presentation skills and confidence developed during the programme assist with applications for employment vacancies
  • All students receive a certificate for participation in the programme that can be included in their CV
  • NZ employers want staff who are flexible and innovative in their thinking and proactive in their work. The NeC programme provides insights into how to be attractive to an employer.


  • NZ can’t leave talented migrants on the side-line. If we are to achieve a high growth economy, we will need to facilitate the entry of talented migrants into the system
  • The NeC partners have the belief that entrepreneurship is a process that can be used to assist talented migrants integrate into the business eco-system and provide the opportunity for them to grow value for themselves and the community.

The Structure

The NeC business incubator programme is designed to provide an introductory foundation series to introduce the participants to the development of business ideas and provide a roadmap for those businesseswhich have the potential to continue the journey to growing into a significant entity.

The development roadmap for the programme is shown below.

Sprint Programme Road Map


The Key Details

  • The programme operates for 2 hours a week for 10 weeks.
  • Teams are created early in the programme, including multidisciplinary teams across management and technical areas
  • The programme is valued at $1,000 per person but is included in the cost of the Diploma course, so no extra payment is required.
  • The programme requires full participation during the sessions and practice and research outside of class time

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