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The New Enterprise Centre

A joint venture between Aspire2 International (Ntec) and ecentre Limited


eCentre and Aspire2 share a common goal to leverage their respective expertise, their networks, existing infrastructure and knowledge to assist new New Zealanders achieve their goals of establishing new enterprises.

To achieve this goal, ecentre and we have formed the New Enterprise Centre

The Vision

Our vision  is to develop the entrepreneurial skills of new New Zealanders to create successful new enterprises in local and global markets. The New Enterprise Centre has designed a start-up introduction programme to assist the migrant entrepreneur with the evaluation, development and exploitation of business ideas. The programme is designed to link in with other business support entities and organisations focussed on early stage business development.


  • NZ can’t leave talented migrants on the sideline. If we are to achieve a high growth economy, we will need to facilitate the entry of talented migrants into the systems
  • The NeC partners have the belief that entrepreneurship is a process that can be used to assist talented migrants integrate into the business eco-system and provide the opportunity for them to grow value for themselves and the community.

The Structure

The NeC business incubator programme is designed to provide an introductory foundation series to introduce the participants to the development of business ideas and provide a roadmap for those businesseswhich have the potential to continue the journey to growing into a significant entity.

The development roadmap for the programme is shown below.

Sprint Programme Road Map


The Key Deliverables

There are 3 key deliverables that the NeC foundation series is focussed on:

  • Connectivity – linking the participants with the relevant eco-system
  • Resource Tools-providing the participants with tools that can use for life
  • Build Great Founders

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Student Success Ailex Health Services

"Studying at Aspire2 International was the ideal pathway into becoming a Registered Nurse here in New Zealand. I had total support from the staff and teachers at all times. Studying in a multicultural environment widened my perspective on life and helped me grow as a person. Aspire2 Work has friendly staff and counsellors who go the extra mile for their students."

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